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There are By-Laws amendments proposed which appear here and were read at the May 10th regular meeting. Deletions are indicated by a strike thru and new wording is indicated in bold lettering underlined. A summary of the changes are found below.

A motion was made and seconded at this meeting to approve the amendments as they appear below. 

The first proposed amendment changes Article III Section 3 by additional wording which will clarify the official mailing address of the Association.




General membership meetings of this Association shall be held nine (9) times during the calendar year. The meetings will be on the first Wednesday of February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, and December. In the absence of rules of procedure established by this Board of Directors, Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall prevail for the conduct of meetings.


All required notices to be sent to any member may be sent by regular or electronic mail, prepaid, directed to him or her at his or her residence or place of business, and such mailing shall be presumptive evidence of service thereof.


The organization's official mailing address shall be that of the Treasurer.  the permanent mailing address of the Treasurer.


The second proposed amendment adds new Section 4 that clarifies the calendar year for the Association which runs from January 1st through December 31st.



The annual dues for each class of membership shall be as follows:
Active Member       $50.00 per year
Associate Member $50.00 per year


Dues shall be payable by the first meeting of each calendar year.


Any person who defaults in payment of the full amount due in the time prescribed shall forfeit his rights to the privileges enjoyed by members in good standing of the Association.


The calendar year of the Association shall run from  January 1st thru December 31st.


The third proposed amendment makes a  grammatical change in one sentance found in Article VIII Section 4.


Unless otherwise stipulated by these by-laws, all decisions of the Board shall require a simple majority vote by those members of the Board who are present at any regular Board meeting, the time and place of which has shall have been previously announced to all Board members. Board meetings shall be held at the call of the President or at the call of at least four (4) members of the Board other than the President. A quorum at such meetings shall consist of at least seven Board members.




Let any Board member know if you are interested in serving on one of BPMIA's committees. See the available committees on the committees page. 

Also let us know if there are topics of discussion, or concerns you would like presented at a regular Association meeting. 

To all UCC instructors; make a BPMIA regular meeting a field trip/class for your students. They can network with colleagues and get their names out there for possible future employment and hopefully join our ranks to make our association membership strong. Hand outs should include a membership application.

To all members: Help us get the word out to the world by forwarding to us, the email addresses of your friends and associates who are in related professions, and who might be interested to in joining our Association. See the BPMIA contacts page for contact information. 





Bergen Community College


Steps Toward Licensing

Administrative Licenses:

1. Sub-Code Official (Administrative)

2. Construction Code Official (Administrative)


Technical Licenses:

1. RCS - Residential Commercial Structures (Building Inspector licensure)

2. ICS - Industrial Commercial Structures

3. HHS - Hazardous High-rise Structures

• Attendance requirements are mandated for each course by the state; however, attendance does not ensure licensing. Prerequisites for all courses will be enforced by the Licensing Bureau, New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs.

• After successfully completing each of the required courses, please contact Experior Assessments

(800) 864-5309, for a candidate guide (a licensing requirement), which will enable you to sit for the State/National exam.

• For information on how to apply for your license, contact the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Construction Code Services by calling (609) 984-7834.

• The New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs offers students a 75% reimbursement  of the tuition for qualified applicants.  If you have any questions about qualifying for any of these courses, then you must talk to the Department of Community Affairs before you register!  There are no refunds once classes are started. 

 Please register early. For more information, please call Ria Bloss at (201) 447-7466.  You can register over the phone! 


CD 062 Construction Official


CD 227 Plumbing Inspector HHS

10 sessions; $525

001., Mon/ Wed.; September 18-, November 20, 2017

Hours: 6:00p.m.-9:00p.m.

Location: TBA

This 60 hour course is designed to provide the student with fundamental knowledge and educational experience required by the state for licensure under this title.  Students must have Plumbing Inspector ICS as a prerequisite.

Instructor: Leonard Falato


BI 609 Technical Assistant Certification Program

18 sessions $450

001, Tues/Thur October 3, -December 7, 2017

Hours: .6-8 p.m.

Location: TBA

This 45 hour certification for Technical Assistants to Construction Officials is designed for the individuals working in a municipality (specifically, the building department), or contractors and their staff wanting to understand the construction permit process as required by the State.  It provides an understanding of the Uniform Construction Code as it relates to permit processing.  This course covers: UCC Law, Regulations, Administration, UCC Standard Blue Form, Blue Print Reading, Reporting & time management and Technical Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution, and critical thinking.  Book is included in this class.

Instructor,  Linda Aiello


CD 521 Fire Protection HHS

20 sessions $650

001, Tue/Thurs October 3, -December 12, 2017

Hours: .6-9 p.m.

Location: TBA

This 60 course is designed to further your knowledge and understanding of students that have completed the Fire Protection ICS, which is a prerequisite to this course.  Course work includes plan review, building use groups, types of construction for high- rise, hazardous occupancy, and other large area structures.

Instructor: Thomas Yotka



To register for these courses call Ria Bloss at 201 447 7466


CONSTRUCTION OFFICIAL/BUILDING SUBCODE OFFICIAL & INSPECTOR – Mendham, NJ – Morris County. Requirements are valid NJ State Construction Official License issued by the Department of Community Affairs.  Class I “HHS’ Technical License. Additional Subcode Licenses a plus. (Previous Official was Mechanical Subcode/Inspector, Fire Subcode/Inspector, Plumbing Subcode/Inspector.) Prior experience is required.  Oversees and coordinates part-time Inspectors, construction inspections and plan review activities. Coordinates with Planning/Zoning and Engineering. Oversees calculation, collection, accounting and reporting of funds.  Strong customer service and communication skills.  Good computer and technology skills. Familiar with or ability to learn Mitchell Humphrey inspection computer program.  Salary dependent upon level of licenses, qualifications and experience.  Position is currently part-time. 12-15 Hours per week on average. Must have NJ Driver’s License. Criminal history background check.  Send resume to: Administrator, Borough of Mendham, 2 West Main St., Mendham, NJ 07945 or email to personnel clerk EOE


FULL TIME BUILDING SUBCODE OFFICIAL AND/OR PART TIME FIRE SUBCODE OFFICIAL – HACKENSACK MEADOWLANDS DISTRICT   The New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority (NJSEA) is seeking a full time Building Subcode Plan Examiner and/or a part time Fire Subcode Plan Examiner to assist with the review of applications, plans and specifications for proposed construction within the Meadowlands District.  Must possess HHS license and, a valid driver’s license is required.  Candidates will also be required to perform field inspections to verify compliance with subcode regulations.    The NJSEA offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package for full time employees.  Send resume along with salary requirements to NJSEA, One De Korte Park Plaza, P.O. Box 640, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071, attention:  Human Resources; fax to 201-460-1722; or send via e-mail to



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