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Legislative News

Legislative News

By Laws amendments that have been unanimously approved by eligible voting members at the October 2017 meeting are as follows:

Article VIII - Board of Directors

Section 2: The President shall be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall be the presiding Officer at the meetings of the Board. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors must yield to the incoming President at the expiration of the President's term.

The By laws at Article VIII Section 2 were as follows:

The Chairperson of the Board shall be the immediate past President, who automatically becomes Chairperson upon completing his or her term as President. The Chairperson shall be the presiding Officer at the meetings of the Board and shall be eligible to vote. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors must yield to the immediate past President at the expiration of the President's term.



Use these two links for information on the Permit Extension Act extension for Superstorm Sandy impacted Counties in New Jersey and at letter P.


Ridgewood-Glen Rock Patch: New Jersey Says These 51 Contractors Fined For 'Shoddy' Work, Other Violations 

N.J. says it's fined 51 contractors - including "The Godfather of Concrete" - who owe the public more than $663,000.


The DCA has issued an errata to Chapter 11 in the 2015 IBC NJ.

The corrections are shown here bolded and underlined.

Your page 287 in the code should be amended to reflect these corrections, and eventually we should see an update to that code and also the corresponding pages in the UCC. At Section 1101.2,  line # 9 should read  " Sections 804.5.2  entitled operable parts, 804.5.3 entitled dishwasher, 804.5.4 entitled cooktop, 804.5.5 entitled oven, and 804.5.6 entitled refridgerator / freezer shall be deleted in their entirety"

At number 12 change the last word in the first sentance to "LOCATION".

That is all I have found but if there are any other corrections they will be posted here.


There is a proposal in the New Jersey Register with respect to the calculation of fees for permits for large open volume buildings.

One reason in the proposal is that fees are "...excessive as compared to the enforcement effort required." The proposal will cap the height at twenty feet to calculate the permit fee based on the volume of a new building, even if the actual height is higher than 20 feet.

I have a feeling this UCC code change will probably be approved and will mostly pertain to the big box stores like the Home Depot and Lowes and other large buildings that we see being constructed in our State. 

The lobbyists are hard at work...  Tony Merlino



The 2015 National Standard Plumbing Code has been officially adopted by the State of NJ. The adoption date was January 4, 2016, and as with all code adoptions there was a six month grace period which ended July 3, 2016.  Don't forget to update the 2015 code books with New Jersey changes found in Subchapter 3 in the UCC.

The 2015 I codes (2014 NEC) are now in effect in the State of New Jersey. Don't forget to update your NEC, NSPC, IMC, IFG, IECC, IFC, ISPSC and your ICC/ANSI A117-2009 to reflect the changes made by the State of NJ through the UCC. 

A significant change to the IBC NJ 2015 is the adoption of Chapter 11, Accessibility. NJ changes can be found in Chapter 11 in the 2015 IBC NJ edition. Contact me with any questions. An errata has been issued which corrects code section numbers and is found above on this page.




BILL S-297 -  Permits municipality to hire private company to provide construction officials, subcode officials, and technical assistants unanimously passed the Senate. Under the provisions of this bill, the services provided by a private company, which would need to be certified by the Department of Community Affairs, would be considered professional services and the municipality would be able to award the contract to the company following the Local Public Contracts Law and Pay-toPlay Laws. Under the bill, no employees of a private company would be eligible for tenure rights, pension or retirement benefits.



The lobbyists are hard at work...  



AN ACT concerning construction permits  for  the  installation  of  wheelchair  ramps  on residential  real  property  and amending P.L.1975,  c.2l 7.


BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New J ersey: 


I. Section 13 of P.L.1975, c.217 (C.52:27D-131) is amended to read as follows:


C.52:27D-131        Construction   permits:   application,   approval.   expiration,  cancellat ion, extension.

13. a. The enforcing agency  shall  examine  each  application  for  a construction  permit.  If the application conforms with this act,  the  code,  and  the  requirements  of  other  applicable laws and ordinances. the enforcing agency shall approve the application and shall issue a construction permit to the applicant. Every application for a  construction  permit  shall  be granted, in whole or in part, or denied within 20  business  days,  unless  the  application  is limited to the construction of a ramp designed  to provide  wheelchair  access  to a one or two­ unit dwelling, and required for such access by a resident of the dwelling,  in which  case the permit  shall be granted  or denied within  five busi ness days.  If appl ication  is denied in whole or in part, the enforcing agency shall set forth the reasons therefor i n writing. If an enforcing agency fails to grant, in whole or in part,  or  deny  an  application  for a  construction  permit within the period of time prescribed herein. such failure shall be deemed a denial of the application for purposes  of an  appeal  to the construction  board  of appeals  unless  such  period of time has been extended with the consent of the  applicant.  The  enforcing  agency  may approve changes in plans and specifications previously approved by it, if the plans and specifications  when   so  changed   remain   in   conform ity  with  law.       Except   as  otherwise provided  in this act or the code, the construction  or alteration of  a building  or structure shall   not be commenced until a  construction  permit  has  been  issued.  The  construction  of  a building or structure shall be in compliance with the approved application for a construction permit; and the enforcing agency shall insure such compliance in  the  manner  set  forth  in  section  14 of this  act.

The commissioner, after consultation with the code advisory board, may. for certain classes or types of occupancy posing special or unusual hazard s to public safety. establish regulations designating the department as the enforcing agency for purposes of approving plans and specifications. A municipal enforci ng agency shall not grant an occupancy permit for any such class or type of construction unless the applicant submi ts appropriate plans and specifications certified or approved by the department. Upon submission by an appl icant of such certified approved plans and specifications, the enforcing agency shall recognize the approval when deciding whether to approve the application for a construction permit.

  1. A construction permit.  issued  in  accordance  with  the  foregoing  provisions,  pursuant to which no construction has been undertaken above  the  foundation  walls  within  one  year from the ti me of  issuance.  shall expire.
  2. The enforcing agency may revoke or cancel a construction permit in the event the project for which the permit is obtained is not completed by the third anniversary of the date of issuance of the construction permit. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law.rule or regulation to the contrary, the enforcing agency may revoke or cancel a construction permit in effect on the effective date of P.L.2001 , c.457 (C.52:27D- 131.l et al.). if the project for which the construction permit was obtained is not completed by the third anniversary of the effective date of P.L.2001 , c.457 (C.52:27D- I 31. l et al.).



P.L.2015, CHAPTER 159



  1. If the project for which the permit is obtained is not completed by a deadline set forth in this section, the permittee may submit a request for an extension of the permit to the enforcing agency for review. The enforcing agency may extend the permit for a period of one year. Approval of the extension shall not be unreasonably withheld. Denial of a request for an extension may be appealed to the county construction board of appeals established pursuant to section 9 of P.L.1975 , c.217 (C.52:270-127). If a project is not  completed within the deadline set forth in this section, the enforcing agency shall take all appropriate action up to and including demolition of the uncompleted structure.

The  provisions  of  this  subsection  shall  not  apply  to  a  permi t  obtained : ( 1) to construct

improvements to the interior of a residential property in which the permittee  is  currently  residing that are  not visible  from  the outside of  the  residential  property,  (2) for any building of which the extetior and  all  required  site improvements  have  been  fully constructed,  or (3) for a project  while that project  is under  the control  of a mortgagee  in possession.

The enforcing agency may suspend, revoke or cancel a  construction  permit  in  case  of neglect or failure to comply with the provisions of this act or the code, or upon  a finding by it  that a false statement or representation has been made in the application for the construction permit.


2.    This act shall take effect  immediately.


Approved  December  2, 2015.



Contractor Registration law

Contractor Registration took effect January 1, 2006. Click here to link to the Contractor Registration Web site



For these Bills and other pending legislation go to: this will get you to all current legislation in the State

To check on the latest in the New Jersey register click on the links provided below:


The web site for the State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation, SCI which is conducting investigations into the actions of Code Officials  is  I suggest that all members take a tour of the site. will get you all the current legislation in the State.


For up to date information on proposed Senate and Assembly Bill visit the web sites listed below

New Jersey Register Rules Adoptions & Proposals proposals/ruleposts.shtml adoptions/ruleadoptions.shtml


Architects and engineers are now both permitted to file their licenses electronically. Technical information to follow as we receive it...



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