Dear Association members,

The Board of Directors would like to extend wishes to all our members that you and your families are safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. The Board continues to meet on our normal monthly basis to discuss issues that affect our membership and our professions, and part of the reason we are reaching out to you.

We have been meeting virtually, and at our most recent board meeting several topics were discussed that will affect our normal practices of holding regular monthly meetings, hosting events, and our annual elections. At this time New Jersey has not yet decided on whether to hold the Building Safety Conference, although it was reported at our last board meeting that a decision will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. Regardless of the State’s decision, the Board of Directors has decided that we will not host our hospitality event this year should there be a conference. There are too many factors involved that would make it difficult to pull it together including the careful planning that goes into making the event the success it always turns out to be. Do you think you would attend even if it were to take place?

The next topic to discuss is elections and our remaining regular meetings. We will be meeting on-line, and so the meeting log-in and password information will be sent via email prior to each of our next 4 meetings1, so email Director Jim Zaconie at to verify your email address. It is important to have all members’ email addresses for obvious reasons, and especially now during these unusual times. We still want everyone to be involved in this great association, and this is one important way to communicate with our members.

At our September meeting our Bylaws require the Nominating Committee to read the slate for next year’s Officers and Directors. We will have to alter our normal routine to deal with the fact that we will not be meeting in person, so we will be sending out the slate of officers and directors via email sometime prior to the September meeting, which will be on Wednesday September 2nd . At our regular October meeting which will be held Wednesday October 7th, the committee will again read the slate of officers and directors, and call for nominations from the floor. It will be determined at that time whether we will be required to hold elections, or whether one vote gets cast for the slate as presented by the Nominating Committee. In either case the incoming slate is voted upon at the November meeting which will be held on November 4th. Only Active and Life members are eligible to vote in our elections.

Elections will be by mail in ballot, and instructions on how this will work will be sent to the membership by regular and/or electronic mail. If sent by regular mail it will go to the address you provided on your membership application, so if you must change the address to receive these important mailings somewhere other than the location you provided, please contact Treasurer Larry Scorzelli at Please visit our web site at for updated information, and find a list of Officers and Directors with their contact information should you have any questions or comments.


From the President

Dear members,

We are very aware that anxiety can be heightened during this current situation. We want to separate fact from rumor by relying on our health care experts: the local, state and federal agencies that are responsible for guiding us. The BPMIA wants all of us to be informed with the most up to date information regarding the current health emergency

As we partner with our members to meet known and unknown challenges, we are committed to keeping the channels of communication open and doing all we reasonably can to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our members and their families. We the BPMIA Board, plan to communicate regularly with our members as we monitor the situation and we will post BPMIA updates on the news page of our website.

Thank you.  Mike Tabback

The Township of Wayne is seeking a qualified candidate for consideration in filling the position of Building Subcode Official. Successful candidates shall hold a valid HHS certification as issued by the State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs. All applicants shall provide license indicating same. This position is part-time, hourly and offers flexible hours. No additional benefits will be afforded with this position at this time but is moving towards a full-time position.Please contact:

Joseph Albanese Construction Official

Township of Wayne

973.694.1800 x3337

The Scholarship Committee is accepting applications for our annual scholarship award, with the deadline for submittals on July 31, 2020. The application is available for downloading in the column to the right.

The Nominating Committee is accepting letters of intent to anyone interested in a position as director on the executive board. There are two positions available for 3 year terms each. The deadline for submittal is June 30th, 2020. The letters should be sent to President Tabback at The letter will be then forwarded to the nominating committee for their consideration.

Be advised The Building Safety Conference has been cancelled. Go to the DCA’s web site for information. Emails have also been sent out from the Education Unit.

Our next meeting which would have been the beefsteak at Fire Company 2 in Wayne NJ has been cancelled. It was scheduled for April 1st, and will tentatively be rescheduled to the October 7, 2020 meeting date. Watch this space for updated information regarding issues related to the Coronavirus, which in an abundance of caution, has prompted the executive board to cancel the April meeting. We will keep our membership apprised as to future meeting dates.

For students and instructors, as of March 11th, Bergen Community College has decided to postpone classes next week, and will post information on their regular website pages at, as we progress into next week. Click on those links and you should be forwarded to those pages.

You can get what is probably the best source of information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by clicking on the links below.

See also

 Be well dear members. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Bring your code questions and comments, and also any topics you’d like to discuss at our regular meetings

  February’s Meeting – February 5th, 2020,

 was held at a new venue, the Crow’s Nest Restaurant,

309 Vincent Avenue, (Rt. 17) Hackensack NJ

We’re hoping our members think it’s a good location for future meetings, but let us know your thoughts. We would also like to hold meetings in Passaic County as well and are thinking of going back to Amore in West Paterson. Any thoughts as to that location? Our email addresses appear on our Officers and Directors page.


Well, we had our swearing in ceremony for our upcoming year’s Executive Board followed by our annual Christmas party. We hope all attendees had an enjoyable evening, and we’d like to hear from you to let us know if you did. It was a new venture for the Association where we had a catered affair in a rented hall, with live and DJ music. How did we do?

Congratulations to all newly sworn in Officers and Directors 

Contact President Tabback if you’re interested in serving on a committee. Committees can be found on the Committees page.

Get involved!


The slate of Officers and Directors for 2020 was read at the September Meeting. The slate was read again at the regular October meeting where nominations were called for from the floor.  Seeing none, the nominations were closed. At the November meeting, the Secretary cast one ballot for the slate as presented, and the Officers and Directors will be sworn in at the December meeting/installation dinner. Come show your support. 

The 2020 slate is as follows: Mike Tabback – President

                                                  Ernie Sisco – Vice President

                                                  Anthony Merlino – Secretary

                                                  Jim Zaconie – Director 

                                                  Bob Cellini – Director

                                                                      Directors terms are for three years.

Our annual golf outing was held on September 25th 2019 at the Farmstead Country Club and deemed to be another huge success. Proceeds are used for our Scholarship fund which helps our children while attending college. Many thanks to Ernie Sisco and his committee for their hard work in making the outing the success it always turns out to be.

Any topics you’d like to discuss at a general meeting? Please let us know. You will soon be able to interact online through our web site.We’ll keep you posted.

Contractor Registration Law

Contractor Registration took effect January 1, 2006

The official text of New Jersey Statutes can be found through the home page of the New Jersey Legislature New Jersey Statutes Annotated (N.J.S.A.), published by Thomson West, provides the official annotated statutes for New Jersey.The statutes in PDF form provided on this website by the Division of Consumer Affairs are unofficial courtesy copies, which may differ from the official text. Although every effort is made to ensure that the text of the courtesy copies is identical to the official version, if any discrepancies exist between the text on this website and the official version, the official version will govern.

By Laws Ammendments

The By Law amendment underlined in Article III Meetings, Section 3 below, and newly added section 4 Article VI found below are now permanent sections in our By Laws.

SECTION 1: General membership meetings of this Association shall be held nine (9) times during the calendar year. The meetings will be on the first Wednesday of February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, and December. In the absence of rules of procedure established by this Board of Directors, Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall prevail for the conduct of meetings.
SECTION 2: All required notices to be sent to any member may be sent by regular or electronic mail, prepaid, directed to him or her at his or her residence or place of business, and such mailing shall be presumptive evidence of service thereof.
SECTION 3: The organization’s official mailing address shall be that of the Treasurerthe permanent mailing address of the Treasurer.


The second proposed amendment adds new Section 4 that clarifies the calendar year for the Association which runs from January 1st through December 31st.

SECTION 1: The annual dues for each class of membership shall be as follows:
Active Member       $50.00 per year
Associate Member $50.00 per year
SECTION 2: Dues shall be payable by the first meeting of each calendar year.
SECTION 3: Any person who defaults in payment of the full amount due in the time prescribed shall forfeit his rights to the privileges enjoyed by members in good standing of the Association.
SECTION 4: The calendar year of the Association shall run from  January 1st thru December 31st.


The third proposed amendment makes a  grammatical change in one sentence found in Article VIII Section 4.

SECTION 4: Unless otherwise stipulated by these by-laws, all decisions of the Board shall require a simple majority vote by those members of the Board who are present at any regular Board meeting, the time and place of which has shall have been previously announced to all Board members. Board meetings shall be held at the call of the President or at the call of at least four (4) members of the Board other than the President. A quorum at such meetings shall consist of at least seven Board members.



Let any Board member know if you are interested in serving on one of BPMIA’s committees. See the available committees on the committees page. 

Also let us know if there are topics of discussion, or concerns you would like presented at a regular Association meeting. 

To all UCC instructors; make a BPMIA regular meeting a field trip/class for your students. They can network with colleagues and get their names out there for possible future employment and hopefully join our ranks to make our association membership strong. Hand outs should include a membership application.

To all members: Help us get the word out to the world by forwarding to us, the email addresses of your friends and associates who are in related professions, and who might be interested to in joining our Association. See the BPMIA contacts page for contact information. 


Licensing: Bergen Community College


Classes required for DCA / UCC licensing will start in February 2020, but only if there are enough students to run a class. Call the number below if you are interested in continuing your education for licensure by the State of New Jersey as code officials.


Steps Toward Licensing

Administrative Licenses:

  1. Sub-Code Official (Administrative)
  2. Construction Code Official (Administrative)


Technical Licenses:

  1. RCS – Residential Commercial Structures (Building Inspector licensure)
  2. ICS – Industrial Commercial Structures
  3. HHS – Hazardous High-rise Structures

Attendance requirements are mandated for each course by the state; however, attendance does not ensure licensing. Prerequisites for all courses will be enforced by the Licensing Bureau, New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs.

After successfully completing each of the required courses, please contact Experior Assessments (800) 864-5309, for a candidate guide (a licensing requirement), which will enable you to sit for the State/National exam.

For information on how to apply for your license, contact the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Construction Code Services by calling (609) 984-7834.

• The New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs offers students a 75% reimbursement  of the tuition for qualified applicants.  If you have any questions about qualifying for any of these courses, then you must talk to the Department of Community Affairs before you register!  There are no refunds once classes are started. 

 Please register early. For more information, please call  (201) 447-7488.  You can register over the phone!