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During the past 39 years since its inception, Bergen-Passaic Municipal Inspector’s Association has become one of the largest, if not the largest, regional chapters in the State of New Jersey.  Hard work and dedication helped to achieve this status and continued hard work is required for BPMIA to remain a formidable and respected representative body in our industry.

BPMIA has gained its status and reputation because it provides its membership with many worthwhile benefits that are relative to enhancing day-to-day job performance.  Some of these benefits are CEU accredited seminars, scholarships, field trips, ICC and State legislative representation. The Association also provides invaluable industry information and early announcements of new technologies through guest speakers, published advisements and by way of reports from Directors and Officers who attend other meetings and industry related conferences.   

In addition, BPMIA provides an opportunity and forum to interact with others working in the various fields represented by the membership, many with very diversified backgrounds.  BPMIA members provide a fellowship/support system for one another where ideas can be shared and working conditions compared.  Many problems encountered during a routine day can be resolved through informal discussions.  We have tapped into this invaluable resource and found it to be very helpful.  Merely running a situation by a  colleague can help to stop second-guessing by reinforcing or confirming that you have made the right decision or the correct code interpretation.  We have also found that a colleague may have a better resolution to a problem, because of a similar experience.  It is comforting to know the ability to tap into such a wealth of knowledge and experience is just a telephone call away. 


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